Tuesday, October 25, 2016



4 Oktober - 4 December 2016

DUO - love & partnership

Tirsdag 4 Oktober 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
ASTERIA MUSICA (us) - Sylvia Rhyne, sang & Eric Eidlinger, lut

Mandag 17 Oktober 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
SYRENARUM ENSEMBLE (it) - Simone Sorini, sang, lut, slagtøj & Claudia Viviani, sang

Onsdag 19 Oktober 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
Leah STUTTARD & Agnethe CHRISTENSEN (uk/se/dk) - sang, harpe, kantele

Søndag 23 Oktober 16.00 @ KoncertKirken 
DRÅM (se): Erik Ask-Upmark, harpe, sækkepibe & Anna Rynefors, nyckelharpe, sang 

Søndag 23 Oktober 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
Benjamin BAGBY & Norbert RODENKIRCHEN (us/de) - “Fragments for the end of time”

Mandag 7 November 20.00 @ LiteraturHaus
Elisabeth HOLMERTZ & Poul HØXBRO (se/no/dk) - sang, fløjter, slagtøj

Tirsdag 8 November 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
WHITE SPARROW (ca/no): Debi Wong, sang & Solmund Nystabakk, lut - “Romeo & Juliet”

Onsdag 9 November 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
LAUDE NOVELLA (se) - Ute Goedecke, sang, harpe mm & Per Mattsson, fidel, violin, rebec

Fredag 11 November 17.00 @ Frederiksberg Slotskirke
SPISSKY DUO (dk) - Peter Spissky, violin & Pernille Ebert Spissky, blokfløjter

Mandag 14 November 20.00 @ nn
Fredrik BOCK, guitar & Per BUHRE, violin (se)

Fredag 18 November 17.00 @ Frederiksberg Slotskirke
Maria Cristina KIEHR, voice & Arial ABRAMOVICH. lute (ar/ch/es)

Søndag 27 November 16.00 @ KoncertKirken
DUO AL DENTE (dk) - Kirsten Lund Jensen, blokfløjte & Per Weile Bak, lut. Søren Z. Ruby, oplæsning

Mandag 28 November 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
Elisabeth BELGRANO & Sven ÅBERG (se) - sang, lut - French Lute Songs

Tirsdag 29 November 20.00 @ KoncertKirken
DUO 1702 (dk) - Louise Hjorth Hansen & Katrine Immerkjær Kristiansen, blokfløjter og orgel

Lørdag 3 December 15.00 @ Reformert kirke 
Dohyo SOL & Emelie ROOS (se) - lut og blokfløjte 

Søndag 4 December kl. 16.00 @ KoncertKirken
Agnethe CHRISTENSEN & Ida BACH JENSEN - “Amled Revised”

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2016 støttes af Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune, Frederiksberg Kommune, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, A.P. Møller Fonden, Oticon Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Toyota Fonden.

Samarbejdspartnere: KoncertKirken, Frederiksberg Kirke, Nordic Harp Meeting, Early Monday, Danmarks Radio. NORDEM, REMA.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2011

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2011

"From Schütz to Geist - early German baroque music 1600-1700"
Copenhagen 7-20 November 2011

Friday, October 8, 2010

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2010

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2010

"Creation & Representation - sacred music and drama 1100-1600"
Copenhagen - 8-31 October 2010
With Sequentia (us/fr), Concerto Soave (fr), Il Trionfo del Tempo (be), Ars Nova & Concerto Copenhagen (dk), Musica Ficta (dk), Laude Ilustre (no/dk), Laude Novella (se), Alba (dk) a.o.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2009

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2009 -
Mayone Celebration Week

This years festival will exclusively be dedicated to the napolitan composer Ascanio Mayone, in order to celebrate the 400 years anniversary of his last known publication with keyboard music from 1609: Secondo libro di diversi Capricci per sonare.

Some of the worlds finest specialists on Mayone and napolitan music will visit Copenhagen the first week of November 2009, during which will performed all known and preserved music by Mayone.

Harpist Mara Galassi (it), harpsichordists/organists Christopher Stembridge (uk/it) and Jean-Marc Aymes (fr) will perform the two books for keyboard and harp (1603 resp. 1609); the Danish vocal ensemble Musica Ficta will perform Mayone's only known madrigal book: Il primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci, from 1604 (world premiere); a viol consort will present the Ricercari a 3 (1606); and finally will students from the Royal Danish Academy of Music participate in a grand finale tutti concert, with some of the few known church settings from Mayone's hands (Magnificat and Vesper).

There will be held a conference on Mayone and the contemporary musical/cultural environment and context led by musicologist Dinko Fabris from Bari, Italy, and there will also be organized courses and workhops with all the soloists in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Prepare for an exciting indepth week, filled with extraordinary, and to some extent totally unknown, music. Welcome to Copenhagen November 2-8 2009!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Masterclass with Marco Horvat and Deda Cristina Colonna

Singer, lute player and director Marco Horvat (fr) and baroque theatre director and choreographer Deda Cristina Colonna (it) will lead a masterclass with focus on Caccinis opera Euridice and the art of recitar cantando at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen October 13 - 17.

The masterclass, open for singers and continuo players, will end with a public concert in the afternoon, Friday October 17.

This concert also marks the opening of an international conference on early opera which takes place at the Conservatory Oct. 17 - 19.

The masterclass and the conference are organized in collaboration with Nordic Network for Early Opera and The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Opening concert with Marco Horvat & Ensemble Faenza

Marco Horvat and Ensemble Faenza (fr) opens Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival 2008 with a concert Sunday October 12, at 19.30 in the Concert Hall foyer of The Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Ensemble Faenza consists of Marco Horvat, voice, theorbo and guitar, Olga Pitarch, voice, and Bruno Helstroffer, theorbo and guitar.

In their program - "Il Giardino di Giulio Caccini" - they will present music by Giulio Caccini, Francesca Caccini, Guglielmo Miniscalchi, Girolamo Kapsberger, Carlo Milanuzii, Radesca di Foggia and Giulio San Pietro de’ Negri.

The concert will be transmitted live on DR P2-koncerten 19.00 - 22.00.